Parent Resource Lifeline helps parents find resources, both locally and nationally, to support their child with special needs. We aim to give hope, support, and understanding to parents for their special needs children struggling to become successful in life, instead of struggling in all areas of their lives.

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Megan Megan’s Story

By Debbie Bertrand (Megan’s mother and founder of Parent Resource Lifeline)

There is something that God has instilled in every mother, it is referred as Motherly Instinct. When my second daughter was born, I found my motherly instinct kicked in to high gear. I just had this nagging feeling that something was wrong. Developmentally she was very behind. The first time I recall something being off was when Megan could not roll over and when she finally did, it always seemed to be only to one side. When she started to crawl, she seemed to drag her right leg and use her right elbow instead of using her hand. I remember people saying what a cute crawl she has. Even when she started picking things up, using a fork, she would automatically use her left, never her right. I thought this to be very strange, I know that for most children the dominant hand doesn’t show at 6 months or even a year. I had started teaching Megan sign language because her speech wasn’t there yet and she was getting very frustrated with not being able to communicate. At 2 years old, Megan finally started to walk, again she was dragging her right foot. As she became more stable on her feet, I noticed when she ran, that she would posture her hand up close to her chest and her right heel never really seemed to hit the ground. I just knew all these things weren’t things she would grow out of. For three years I took her to doctor after doctor, each telling me it was nothing, or it was temporary and she would outgrow it…READ MORE